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L'Italiano con noi - Scuola di lingua e cultura italiana
 Via Pellicciai, 17
37121 Verona VR

+39 342 1937101


L’Italiano con noi is a school of Italian language and culture and a training center for teachers of Italian as a second or foreign language. The teachers are all highly qualified (with a certification or a master degree in teaching Italian or with a PhD in Linguistics). Situated in the heart of the ancient city of Verona, our school has partnerships with the University for Foreigners of Siena and the University of Verona. It also collaborates with several schools in Europe inside the Erasmus + project.



 “L’Italiano con noi” is my brainchild. My name is Giorgia, and I am the founder and director of the school. In my opinion, learning to communicate in another language has never been just about learning a sequence of grammatical rules, but about a life experience, a journey. I have been fortunate on my journey to have met many people who shared that vision with me. For this reason, today, “L’Italiano con noi” is no longer just my school and my story, but the school and the story of all those who see the interaction of cultures as an opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective, expanding horizons in their lives and in the lives of others.


L'Italiano con noi boasts a unique central location in the heart of the ancient city, just a few steps from Piazza delle Erbe, the former Roman Forum. Surrounded by coffee shops and typical restaurants, our school enjoys a fantastic location in the pedestrian heart of Verona’s thriving shopping district. Many historical monuments and famous attractions are just around the corner.  


You will love the enthusiasm and the positive energy with which you’ll be welcomed. From your first day at school, you will feel at home.

You will live a new experience every day, both inside the classroom and out. Each morning you will walk into an elegant building near “Piazza delle Erbe” in the heart of the old city. You’ll be greeted in a new and welcoming environment, containing coloured sofas, a coffee area, and a projection room; you will be studying in air-conditioned classrooms full of light. 

In the afternoon, you’ll get a chance to watch a film with your companions, chat in a coffee shop where the locals hang out, go for walks and learn about the history of the city with Federico, or visit nearby cities!

In the end, there will be just one thing that you will not like: leaving!

On the other hand, no one has ever returned to a place unless they had first left it!


The school offers

- Small group courses
- Standard courses
- Private lessons 

for all language proficiency levels.

The school offers also the Combined course that includes group classes and one-to-one classes.

In the afternoon the students can join the school’s Cultural courses on history, history of arts, cinema, opera, cooking classes and wine and ice-cream workshops.



In order to learn a language, it is necessary to use it to communicate!

Our school is a veritable laboratory of ideas where highly qualified tutors use diverse methodologies and create authentic materials with one aim in mind, to teach students how to communicate in Italian in a way that is both fun but also primarily effective.

Besides conversations, listening, and other types of typical activities, we hold task based lessons once a week. In those lessons students use language to handle real life situations, such as booking a taxi, organizing an event among friends, asking a neighbour to make less noise and so on. Not only are such activities highly communicative, but they also provide an important opportunity for the further analysis of the language.


In our school we offer fun activities also in the afternoon and the weekend. Students have the opportunity to know the artistic beauty of the city, have a full immersion in the local culture and meet the local people in places often away from the most tourist streets.

Our fun activities are recommended for those who are searching for culture, not just inside museums, but also in the homes of locals and in the streets where culture can be found in the sounds, scents, sights, as well as in the most unexpected situations.

TOTAL IMMERSION, BEAUTY, AUTHENTICITY AND ENCOUNTER OTHERS...these are some of the positive values that inspire us.

Regularly we arrange also

  • cooking classes
  • visits to wineries
  • aperitif
  • classes in traditional bars
  • evenings at theatre
  • classes about the opera
  • tours to discover the surroundings of Verona
  • feasts of ice-cream or pastries
  • bicycle tours
  • workshops on specific topics of the Italian culture


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