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We provide Online Italian Courses with qualified Italian Teachers. They are in Individual or in Small Group Classes, maximum 3 students per class. The Online Italian Courses are based on the concept that online the students can have a learning experience totally customised to their needs of time and place.
 You may want to study Italian online: * If you planning to come to Italy and you want to learn a bit of Italian before, * if you want to keep in touch with the language after your journey, * if want to learn Italian with native and qualified teachers even if you are not in Italy, * if you don't have plenty of time but you want improve your Italian, * if you want to take some Italian certification like CELI, CILS or PLIDA * if you want to learn Italian in a different way or just doing CONVERSATION CLASSES. * if you want to improving Your Italian with an Italian Cinema Course. These are all good reasons for taking an Online Italian Courses! ;-) See more at: www.italianvirtualschool.it. Before starting the Course you will have FREE Trial Class of Italian that will give you a concrete idea of how these online classes are working.


Typology of Courses   * STANDARD ITALIAN COURSES. The courses are designed for the achievement of the level directly subsequent to that of starting . Typology of courses starts from the Elementary Level (A1) to the Advanced one (C1) as suggested by Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Format: Individual and Small Group Classes (only 3 students per class).   * CONVERSATION. These courses have different topics time by time. They are addressed to people that already have a bit of knowledge of the language. In case of a Group Course, it is organised according to the students level. Format: Individual and Small Group Classes (only 3 students per class).   * ITALIAN MOVIES. This course is dedicated to the vision and the analysis of some of the most important Italian movies. The focus will be not only on the story and on the context but also on the language used.   * NOVELS. Books to read can be chosen by the student. We want to meet his interests and to stimulate his personal pleasure for reading.   * CERTIFICATIONS. The course is for who want to achieve CELI, CILS and PLIDA certifications. Format: individual and small group classes (only 3 students per class).   Prices


Frequency: 1, 2, 3 TIMES PER WEEK in accordance with the students preferences. Each class lasts 1 hour.

140 € for 10 GROUP CLASSES (2 people)

Frequency: 1, 2, 3 TIMES PER WEEK. Each class lasts 1 hour.

100 € for 10 GROUP CLASSES (3 people)

Frequency: 1, 2 or 3 times per week. Each class lasts 1 hour.

25 € for 1 single class

Frequency: 1, 2, 3 TIMES PER WEEK. Each class lasts 1 hour.

  Books and Materials   After the Trial Class, according to the level of the students and her/his targets, we will decide which book to use for the course. They are those normally used in the Schools here in Italy. You can buy them via Amazon. In case of conversation courses, we use different materials that change time by time according to the topics that will be discussed.  

Special Services

1. The Online Italian Course with Italian Teachers: available in individual and in small group format. 2. The Online Cinema Course: It will focus on some of the most important Italian films providing its interpretative key and allowing the students to improve their level of Italian. 3 The Homestay Experience and The Cooking Sessions in Turin. You will have the opportunity to study Italian in Turin at the Teacher House. 5. Many learning materials all available on the Italian Virtual School Blog.

What Included

A free Trial Class of Italian when you start Your Course. Duration: 45 minutes. More: our Competence and our Passion. :-)

What Not Included

The cost of the books is not included in the price of the Online Italian Courses.


The Online Italian Courses are based on packages of 10 Classes but you are free to buy more then one package, or to buy single classes of Italian.


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