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Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera

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Our every course, be it language or culturally-orientated, involves organized activities exploring the Sardinian way of life including first hand investigations of local customs, traditions, food and wines. Our groups are always small with a maximum of 8 participants so that we are able to take into consideration the needs of each student. Whichever course you may choose to join, you will become part of our community.


There has been much talk about a  new frontier of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and culture. They call it “Experiential tourism”: return home with a memorable, unique memory, immerse yourself in another culture and fully experience the traditions of another country.

This has been the goal of the Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera since we opened in 2004. Our Italian language and cultural courses are an integral part of a broader project. We promote activities that lead to an intercultural exchange. To this extent, language is of vital importance as it communicates ways of life, habits, traditions. Pintadera's courses and itineraries are such that different cultures meet and understand one another.  Reflection on affinities and divergencies create new points of growth.  Our students go home feeling they have become part of the community.


What Included

The heart of Pintadera’s Italian program is the Lingua group language course with a maximum enrolment of 8 students per class and four hours of intensive lessons each morning. From the first week of studies, we take language out of the classroom and onto the vibrant streets of Alghero to stimulate the senses - not only do our students listen to and speak Italian, but they eat, drink, taste, smell and breathe Italy. We motivate our students to participate in our varied afternoon Cultura program where they will not only practice their Italian but also deepen their knowledge of many of the cultural aspects of Alghero, Sardinia, Italy.

All our teachers are native Italian speakers, university graduates certified in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language, passionate about sharing the love for their land, its culture and language. Pintadera is accredited by the University of Siena as a preparation and examination center for the CILS exam.

Pintadera proposes the following courses:

  • Lingua standard Italian course in small group of 3 to max. 8 students – 20h/week
  • Cultura exciting afternoon program of culture seminars and excursions – 6h/week
  • AllegraMente introduction to the Italian language and way of life – 10h/week
  • Teen summer camp comprehensive program of language, activities & home stay for 13-16yr olds
  • Buon Appetito Italian cooking class at the home of the chef
  • Cin Cin wine tasting and cheese tasting

Pintadera, in collaboration with trusted local organizations, offers a wide variety of sporting and outdoor activities for you to experience in your free time. Discover the beauty of Alghero's coastline with a sailing course or the rich underwater wonders of the Riviera del Corallo on a diving course, go snorkeling in the Porto Conte Nature Reserve, or hike Sardinia's stunning Punta Giglio. We are available to make it happen.

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