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Private Virtual Cooking Classes. Live From Italy.


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Private Virtual and in person cooking experiences led by a top chef and co-hosted by an event specialist, designed to highlight and improve your cooking skills while enjoying a great experience of happiness and sharing.


Food 'n Roll in Your Own Kitchen with Chef Abram. Learn to Cook like a Pro, and have Fun with your Private Culinary Coach.

If you want to surprise your family & friends with some amazing dishes... THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

In our Private Virtual Cooking Classes, live from Italy, a stellar and extremely friendly Chef teaches you how to make authentic Italian delights without stepping foot outside your home.

Many guests who joined our food tours have told us many times:

How nice would it be if we had a sort of Sos Coach in the kitchen! Like a special – and specialist- friend to call when you want to surprise your friends with some gorgeous Italian dishes..".

Well, your satisfaction has always been our primary mission.

And so we came up with the idea of making from our kitchen and your kitchen one big, beautiful, fun and interactive place where you will learn the secrets of the art of cooking from a very creative and passionate Chef.

Chef Abram has held many important experiences as an executive chef and food consultant for the finest and starred restaurants both in Benelux and Italy.

He also is the co-founder of I Eat. Food Tours & Event Planning and he's now creating a brand new food concept that will be launched next Autumn in the U.S.

And so... Chef Abram is ready to come to you from Italy, with ton of goodies and greedy recipes: are you ready to rock your kitchen with him?

Choose your favourite menu among:

  • Pasta Master Class: learn how to make pasta from scratch (no pasta machine required) ;
  • Italian Classics: the most iconic and delicious dishes made in Italy at your table;
  • Makeover your Leftover: learn the art of no wasting and how to be creative with what's available in your fridge;
  • Vegetarian Delights & Veggie Party: cause vegetarian is tasty!

 Moreover, Chef Abram can accomodate any specific requests and dietary restrictions.

See you on Zoom in our kitchen, then!

Make sure to have some bubbles on hand to cheers on your unforgettable Virtual Cooking Experience Live From Italy!


Whether is a food tour, a custom event, a special celebration, a team-building activity or anything else you would like to experience, we are a brilliant and creative team able to make your dreams come true: try us!

We can also help you to create your perfect Italian Itineraries: we adore making Travel Planning to inspire!

Drop us a mail and let's find out how we can help you.

PRIVATE COOKING CLASSES IN TURIN: that kind of event that makes everybody deliciously happy.

Looking for the most glorious, delicious, interactive and fun cooking experience? We get you covered, of course!

We offer you a beautiful, cosy and professional kitchen located in the most elegant side of the city center and a stellar Chef enthusiast to share his knowledge and tips & tricks about cooking with you.

Chef Abram is not alone. In fact, Cecilia - who is a sociologist, expert in event management, and a passionate storyteller, is always next to him.

She can't wait to welcome and entertain you with interesting food tales and to tell you curiosities and appealing stories about Italian customs and habits. It's gonna feel good. You gonna feel home. Looking forward to building memories that last forever with you!

Love from Italy,

Chef Abram & Cecilia

What Included


~The guide and instructions of a Masterchef at your complete disposal.

~Tips and tricks to make mesmerizing meals

~A personalized scrip pad that includes recipes and interesting stories of the dishes you have prepared with the chef, both in the Virtual and in the in-person Cooking Class

What Not Included

Groceries for the Virtual Cooking Classes;


2 course menu: duration 2/2.5 hour approx

3 course menu: duration 3/ 3.5 hour approx

Are you looking for a full banquet 100% Italian Style? 

That's possible! 

4+ dishes: 5 hours 


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