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Private yacht charter – Italy from a different perspective!

Italy is truly a dream destination for many. It seems like Italy has been a place of inspiration since the beginning of time when even the artist from all over the world would travel here to get inspired by the endless beauty and unique history that Italy has to offer. Yacht cruising is one of the best options to visit 7,600 km (4,722miles) of gorgeous coastline, historic cities and stunning islands of Italy and to experience Italian “Dolce Vita”. Aside from its beauty, it has to be mention that famous superb Italian cuisine can win over even the biggest critics, so even biggest food gourmets will be satisfied. So this truly is a unique way to explore remarkably astonishing beauties of Italy from completely different perspective!

About private yachts in Italy

The number of yachts in Italy is limited to around 9 boats that offer different standards that come at different prices. Although the number of yachts in Italy is limited, the good news is that beautiful scenic views and sunny days are fortunately unlimited! Italy cruise due to its limitations is usually more expensive route and it gets booked fast, so you should hurry with planning and organizing. Prices for a yacht start from 6.500 € up to 89.990 € per week. All routes are mainly done in southern Italy such as the Amalfi coast, Pontine Islands, Aeolian Islands, famous Sicily and Sardinia. Continue reading and discover an example of the cruise experience in Italy!

Aeolian Islands – the lucky seven

The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago rising out from Sicily's north-eastern coast. This captivating name and its citizens called Aeolians got their name from the mythological Greek god of winds called Aeolus. This magnificent island offers set of seven volcanic islands filled with numerous mysterious caves, cliffs, breathtakingly gorgeous beaches, diverse marine life, volcanic lakes, and general cultural and historical heritage protected from UNESCO. During your whole adventure cruise through these seven small islands, you’ll have time to enjoy in amazing cuisine and taste traditional local Malvasia wine all while being surrounded by stunning view and the crystal clear blue ocean that you can jump in any time you desire! Sounds too good to be true, I know!

1. Welcome to Milazzo

Your yacht cruise will begin in the lively port of Milazzo. I won’t try to sugar-coat anything, so I have to say Milazzo itself isn't the most beautiful city that Sicily has to offer. However, it's the most important industrial town that is still growing! If you move away from refineries and busy harbors you'll get to experience pretty Borgo Antico (Old Town), natural beautiful landmarks and beaches dotted with rocky coves. It's a definitely good place to visit if you have time to spare before boarding to your yacht. Once you board on your yacht you’ll have an opportunity to meet your always friendly crew and Capitan that will always be at your service to make your cruise stress free.

2. Vulcano (Hiera)

The first stop after enjoying delicious breakfast on your yacht will be on the closest island to Sicily, Vulcano (Hiera). This island is most famous for unusual black beaches that are usually favorite places for taking best and most unique vacation photos. So don’t forget your camera! There you’ll also discover mud pools and therapeutic hot springs where you can relax and rejuvenate. What also impressive is that this island is composed of four volcanoes, so since there is such high concentration of volcanoes you’ll feel the characteristic smell of sulfur. For those who already feel adventurous, you can hike to Gran Cratere where the smell of sulfur intensifies because it’s surrounded by geysers and emissions of sulfur vapors. But don’t be scared or confused! The smell you’ll feel is being used for inhalation therapy, so just relax, smile, breath in and breath out. Life is good!

3. Lipari

After a beautiful night at Vulcano (Hiera), it’s time for delicious breakfast full of fresh food and fruits that will keep you energized for the today's fun activities. Your captain will lead you to the next destination; island Lipari whose beauty is best appreciated by the boat. Lipari is the largest, busiest and most populated island of Aeolian archipelago. Its stunning coastline is full of magnificent cliffs surrounded by clear deep blue sea with spectacular and lively beaches that attract many visitors. There you can jump in the sea, engage in some provided water sport or head to “must see” white clean sandy beaches! I’d definitely recommend visiting Havana Beach which is accessible by water as well.

There you’ll get to enjoy in endless sun, turquoise sea, music and the best view ever. After such active daytime, time will come to stop for a moment and enjoy in a lunch break on deck! Our crew will prepare you fresh and tasty lunch according to your wishes while you chat about experiences and memories you’ve created so far. Later in a day you can also wander through charming shopping streets and local food markets or stop for a traditional Sicilian pastry to make this cruise even sweeter that it is! As the night falls yacht will anchor in some beautiful bay. For dinner, your Chef will prepare fresh tasty dishes full of aroma. After dinner, you’ll have the option to experience the nightlife of island and enjoy few cocktails or more if you feel like it. Cheers!

4. Salina

Next stop on your adventure, after extensive breakfast and a nice cup of coffee or tea, is the second largest and the greenest island in the Aeolian archipelago called Salina. This stunning island will be a favorite to those who are adventurous at heart and nature enthusiasts. Island is full of scenic hiking trails and untouched beautiful nature. After lunch organized by your crew, you’ll have time to relax on the deck and maybe enjoy in a glass of traditional local wine called “Malvasia”, a distinctive wine with a very sweet aroma. Tasty! This day is completely reserved for relaxation and enjoyment in peaceful gorgeous scenery that island has to offer. Before night comes it’s way, you can meet the locals, explore the islands small villages and narrow alleyways which will often leave you uncertain & wonder; “Have I’ve just entered someone's backyard?” But that’s the charm of Salina.

5. Panarea

On the next day after tasty breakfast, you’ll get to experience Panarea, the second smallest of the seven Aeolian islands. This island will firstly captivate you with its beauty since it’s considered to be the most beautiful one out of the seven. Surrounded by clear blue sea you’ll have an option for snorkeling, diving and other water sports that could please anyone. For those who want to visit the land and do more intimate exploration, Panarea offers spectacular panoramic views with lush vegetation dominating the island... Also, picturesque village “Villaggio Preistorico” that was used as a natural fortress over thousands of years is well worth visiting too! Or you can simply stroll around the streets, narrow lanes, fashionable Italian boutiques and restaurants. For night adventures after delicious dinner on the deck you can experience the nightlife of the island by visiting one of the rooftop bars and dance your night away!

6. Stromboli

After waking up in the morning and refreshing up by jumping into the sea or just enjoying the breakfast you will head to the last destination on the cruise. However, this day will get your adrenalin started! Wonder why? Well, after relaxing time and lunch you’ll visit island Stromboli also known as “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”. Stromboli is the only volcano in the world that has a constant activity for over 200 years! For the bravest out there you can observe erupting lava, clouds of gas by hiking on the slopes of a volcano. If that doesn’t make your blood pumping then I don’t know what will! Observing all those eruptions by day is spectacular, but let me tell you something… Real spectacle starts at night! Capitan will anchor your yacht far away from the island so you can enjoy in flaming colors of the lava that mix together like paint on artist canvas. Seeing that during the night is completely different and unforgettable experience. The island Stromboli also has many secluded areas reachable by sea only, such as most beautiful village Ginostra that lays at the foot of the volcano. After that, it’s time to say “ciao” to your crew and your yacht.

Italy cruise is best for:

  • For families and seniors – who want to unwind and enjoy in nature, islands, historic towns, villages, crystal clear sea and endless sun.
  • Absolute food hedonists – those who want to enjoy in homemade products and dishes.
  • Couples – who want to explore romantic beaches with white & black sand, and watch beautiful sunsets a with glass of wine.

What Included

  • Engine cruising max. 4 hours per day.
  • Using A/C 4 hours per day.
  • Crew service.
  • Ship water.
  • Diesel & Gasoline expenses.
  • Clean bed linen and bath towels.
  • Use of equipment on board (flippers, snorkel and fishing and other free watersports).
  • Yacht insurance (we advise you to take out your own individual travel insurance).
  • V.A.T.

What Not Included

  • Food and drinks option.
  • Harbor taxes and mooring fees.
  • Optional water sports.
  • Personal expenses and requests.


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