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Tours and courses in rural Italy that you won’t find in any guide book. Small group tours to traditional food producers and craftspeople. Courses in cheese, salumi, gelato and olive oil. Delicious food and wine every day. Native-English-speaking guide, fluent in Italian. No single supplements.


I came to Lucca in 2004 for six months. I picked olives. I saw, smelt and tasted the new green oil pouring forth at the olive mill. I was so intoxicated that I wanted to show everyone what they were missing. And so, Sapori [flavours] & Saperi [knowledge] Adventures was born — to provide an escape route for travellers from the industrial prison of chemical food and machine-made everything. I went in search of family producers practising the skills of their ancestors. Many are up narrow winding roads and have no signs on their doors. I found producers of salumi, cheese, chestnut flour and olive oil, beekeepers, bakers, farmers of heirloom fruit and cereals. I found craftspeople: weavers, spinners, dyers, knitters, basketmakers, blacksmiths, people making watermarked paper by hand. I found young people restoring productivity to abandoned land. I found biodynamic winemakers restoring old terraces. I found innovation that allows tradition to stay alive.

On my tours and courses you share with me the inspiration and despair of all these courageous and dedicated people struggling to maintain the quality of their products in the face of the ignorance of consumers, almost overwhelming competition from the industry and regulations of governments. Your visit helps to keep their hope alive and to convince them that their battle is worthwhile.

  • Tours in Tuscany, Le Marche and Sardinia which introduce you to colourful local celebrations, history, architecture, art, music and traditional cuisine. Maximum 10 people. See https://www.sapori-e-saperi.com/small-group-tours.html
  • Tastes & Textiles tours for food-loving weavers, dyers, craftspeople and those who appreciate beautiful handcrafted objects. Maximum 10 people. https://www.sapori-e-saperi.com/textiles.html
  • Courses for food professionals and keen amateurs to learn how to make salumi, gelato, cheese (including mozzarella) and olive oil — taught by experienced artisans in their own workshops and laboratories. They openly share their knowledge and allow you to get hands on. Maximum 7 people. See https://www.sapori-e-saperi.com/courses.html

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Blog about food producers, craftspeople and life in my corner of Italy: http://eepurl.com/geSMLv 

What Included

Full details are listed on our website. In general ground transportation during tours and courses including airport transfers, accommodation and most meals are included. No extra charge for a single room.

What Not Included

Air fares and transport to designated meeting points, compulsory travel insurance, food and drink not listed on the programme, personal purchases.


Duration of tours and courses vary and can be found on our website. In general they run from 5 to 10 days.


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