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We are running a Live Online Bootcamp in September and you are welcome to join and accelerate your Italian journey! 


Perfect for you if you are:

✅ A complete beginner

✅ A self-taught elementary or intermediate learner 

✅ An English speaker who wants to achieve their “Italian” goals, while avoiding waste of time and frustration


Italian Bootcamp is a live, interactive 4-day workshop designed with the 3D method. 


It is a unique learning experience that will help you transform or shape your learning process and reach Italian fluency without wasting time and frustration. 

Participation is free, and it also grants you a discount on Italian Incubator, our most talked-about signature program! 


  •  Where?

The 3D Bootcamp is a live interactive online event. You will receive a link to access every lesson.


  • When?

The workshops are running from 📅  September 20th to 23rd (4 days) at 5 pm CEST (Italian time).

📼 Recordings will be available!

You can join the class live or watch the replay at your convenience, but you do have to keep up with the pace to get the most of it!


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Tania Troyan ~ Founder of 7-week Italian

Ciao, I’m Tania Troyan.

I am the founder of 7-week Italian, our online Italian language school,  and the creator of the 3D method.

I'm on a mission to transform the way people learn Italian, through a holistic methodology and a three-dimensional learning experience.

Having spent my whole life learning languages (I am fully proficient in 4) and exploring the way the adult brain interacts with a new language, I have developed a holistic methodology that today allows my Italian language students to go through a truly transformative experience on their way to Italian fluency.

I have created several Italian language programs (Italian Incubator, Italian Accelerator, Italian Momentum and Forma Mentis) using the principles of the 3D method and the amazing results my students are achieving make me feel truly proud.


Listen to my students' testimonials (click on the image).



Students of 7-week Italian sharing their thoughts


The 3D method 💠

My 3D method is a structured teaching methodology that creates a holistic learning experience.

Most traditional language teaching systems take into consideration just one dimension: the language and they try to teach it by simply sharing information.

As if acquiring a language was only about mechanical memorisation of new words and grammar!

Students are expected to absorb all that information instinctively as if they were still children.

The 3D method takes into consideration all 3 dimensions involved in the process: not just the language, but also the dimension of the student and that of the learning experience.

It is based on the understanding of the neuro-linguistic and psycholinguistic mechanisms of the adult brain.

It provides a structure, the necessary learning tools and techniques to leverage neuro linguistic processes.

But most importantly, it is based on the assumption that learning a language means acquiring a new linguistic and cultural identity.

It’s not about new information. It’s about transformation! 

You are welcome to visit our website and learn more!

👉 Visit www.7weekitalian.com here 

What Included

Discover Italian Incubator, your perfect first step towards Italian fluency  

Italian Incubator | online | 7 weeks


This online course is for you if you are an English speaker and your goal is:


 🔰 To live in Italy.

 🔰 To reconnect to your Italian roots and rediscover your heritage.

 🔰 To spend as much time as you can exploring Italy.

 🔰 To feel at home when you live or travel in Italy. 


Italian Incubator is the perfect first step towards that linguistic and cultural transformation that will allow you to feel at home when you are in Italy.


In this 7-week course, you will find everything you need to build your Italian fluency from the ground up, with a mix of guided self-paced and live tutoring, conversation practice and a supportive international community.


Incubator is the first program on the learning path I have designed with the 3D method and it’s our most popular program.

Perfect for an English speaker, beginner or a self-taught learner passionate about Italy.


I offer my Incubator students step-by-step guidance, continuous feedback and accountability and original content with fascinating cultural elements and handy linguistic survival tools.


You can read more about the experience in the sutdents' reviews above (see images) or discover much more by going to the website. 


What’s in the Incubator?

7️⃣ weeks of on-demand lessons designed with the 3D method

🧙‍♀️ Real stories of famous Italians and Italy’s most beloved expats.

☕ Weekly conversation practice (Pausa caffè)

🩺 Live Grammar Clinics - weekly Q&A sessions

✍ Weekly assignments with personal feedback

👩‍🏫  Instructor's feedback and support

🌐 Supportive international community

💠 Flexibility, accountability & support on the way to your "Italian" goals


👉Click here to discover Italian Incubator  


The best way to begin your journey with us is to join the 5-day Italian Bootcamp, where I am going to share the fundamentals of my unique methodology.

Then you will be equipped with all the necessary learning tools and will be able to move forward, into the Incubator experience


👉 Join our 5-day free Italian Bootcamp to start your Italian journey with us



7-week Italian

All our courses are 7️⃣ weeks long, as the name of the school suggests!

Why 7 weeks?

It's the time necessary to scale to a new level in your journey towards fluency because it’s the time period necessary for a human brain to rewire and create new neural pathways.

It's the perfect time frame for an Italian language course created and delivered with the 3D method.

Ready for your 7-week adventure?


👉 Visit www.7weekitalian.com here    

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