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Sicilia Mia Vacanze has collaborated with Villa Siké in Modica Sicily, to provide an all-inclusive experience that will be a part of you forever. We coordinate your week from the moment you step off the plane in Catania until we accompany you back to the airport 7 days later. You will experience the authentic way to prepare Sicilian cuisine through your cooking lessons, further enhance your relaxing vacation if you choose to do yoga, and paint your way through Southern Sicily on your painting vacation.

The tour includes excursions to Syracuse/Ortigia, Noto, Modica and Marzamemi. You will smell the sea air in Ortigia and Marzamemi, listen to the beautiful melody of the local’s bargain at the market, and let your palate discover the succulent wine, olive oil, and freshly prepared specialty cuisine. You will have guides explain the thousands of years of history that have made the island of Sicily so unique with the numerous archaeological and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Italy’s Southern gem will enchant you with its beauty and hospitality. We invite you to let us treat you to a week of authentic Italian culture, history, and new friendships.

Private group tour dates are available for a limit of 8 people and the tour can be tailored to your group.

What Included

  • Ground transportation to and from airport & excursions
  • Accommodations at the villa
  • All food, wine, Prosecco
  • Cooking/yoga/painting lessons offered during the week of your choice
  • 2 meals out during excursions
  • Guided tours in Noto & Ortigia
  • Winery tasting and tour in Noto
  • Visit to Greek Amphitheater during Syracuse excursion
  • Lunch out in Ortigia
  • Chocolate tour and train ride in Modica
  • Dinner in Marzamemi (depending on the season)
  • Olive Oil Tasting at villa

What Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Optional and additional excursions we offer to: Valley of the Temples ($150); Mt. Etna hike ($150); & Taormina ($250)
  • Personal purchases at markets & stores
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