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Live like a local in Tuscany with your hosts, Natalie and John


A Toast to Travel was born from the love of wine, food, living well, and forming lasting friendships all over the world.  Join Natalie Mosallam and John Helling in their high-end, curated experiences of Tuscany, including a Tuscan Wine & Culture Experience, Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun, and a 3-Night Getaway. Living like a local is the goal, while gaining a broader cultural perspective, and creating memories of a lifetime through travel.

Your hosts are local Chicago professionals Natalie Mosallam and John Helling, whose passion for travel changed the course of their lives. Both worked at major US corporations, and throughout the years had the opportunity to live and work overseas, Natalie as an international attorney and teacher of international business, and John in the military and as an IT specialist.  Both individually gained wanderlust and shared their adventures with each other, while creating new experiences through exploration of many different countries around the world. Almost immediately, their love and passion for travel permeated everything they did together, from weekend getaways to longer exotic experiences.

Finally it became clear that their passion for travel was the perfect springboard to share amazing experiences with more willing travelers. Having lived in Europe for many years, speaking the language fluently, and having many local friends, Natalie and John now invite you to A Toast to Travel for your opportunity to live like a local in Tuscany.

Choose from 3 night/4 day or 6 night/7 day Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun Experiences; designed for the lover of cooking wine and leisure, your Experience is based in the Tuscan countryside.  All of our experiences are hosted and curated: all you need to do is show up! 

We’re fluent in the language, the local customs and friends with the locals!  You will experience, private rooms and apartments in a historic, restored Tuscan villa with its own museum, pool and Italian gardens surrounded by the vineyards, cypress trees and the beauty of Tuscany, daily hands-on Tuscan cooking classes, curated menus, truffle hunting, wines tastings and expert guidance, visit a local market, yoga and painting under the Tuscan sun and see the best of Siena. 

Standard rate is all inclusive when you are with us and the group, $1995 pp for the 3 night/4 day getaway and $3900 pp for the 6 night/7 day Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun Experience (both based on double occupancy).  Visit our website for available dates through 2018.

Fall Special

Enjoy the beauty of Tuscany during the grape harvest and our special offer of 25% off our Standard rate, all-inclusive when you are with us and the group, $1495.00 pp for the 3 night/4 day getaway and $2925 pp for the 6 night/7 day Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun Experience (both based on double occupancy).  Space is limited as the fall special is only offered the weeks of October 8-14 (6 night/7 day) and October 13-16 (3 night/4 day), 2017 and October 15-21 (6 night/7 day) and October 20--23 (3 night/4 day), 2017.


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