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Just contact Tuscan Italian Cooking and your Personal Chef will arrive directly at your home.
You’ll have a real restaurant in your kitchen, we’ll make your culinary wishes come true and your palate will be satisfied in an unforgettable way. Make your event unique, but at the same time stay comfortably at home! You can choose a theme dinner or enjoy various dishes coming from all over Tuscany.

All of our cooking-courses are carried out with the supervisions of a professional. They last about 4 hours and during this time we’ll teach you the bases of italian cooking. Obviously these are “hands-on” lessons. At the end of the courses you’ll make yourselves comfortable around a nice table and you’ ll eat all the items that you’ ve prepared. Moreover you’ ll receive a personal certificate and recipe books.

For all those people who are “pasta-lovers”, we run a special cooking-lesson working exclusively on the realization of different kinds of egg pasta including: tagliatelle, ravioli, cannelloni, gnocchi gnudi and their respective sauces. You’ ll be amazed of your ability in making pasta and we promise you a lot of fun!

Note: The dishes in the cooking-courses may be changed according to your needs.



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