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Find out more and sign up straight from our website: www.italianschoolofstalbans.co.uk. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to interact with us and enjoy our Italian posts.

We provide online Italian Classes to anyone around the world - Our lesson times are based on the UK time zone-  

Learn Italian in a modern way in a group, with qualified native teachers offering high quality online Italian classes focused on the practice of conversation. All our classes are offered via Zoom. With this platform we are able to perform the same activities we have always done successfully in the traditional classroom environment.

Screen sharing: the teacher can share their screen to highlight points and explain exercises.
Breakout rooms: Great tool that allows students to practise conversation in small groups
Virtual whiteboard: Used to explain some technical topics.

The online classes don't change our very first goal: WE WANT YOU TO LEARN WHILE ENJOYING THE PROCESS. For this reason we don't use repetitive and robotic textbooks but prefer to create our own lessons in a more dynamic, creative and fun way. From your living room you can learn , and above all, speak Italian with other people.
All material, which is totally included in the fee, will be sent to you every week before the lesson.

We'll reply to every enquiry as soon as possible. Check JUNK FOLDER if you don't receive a response within 24 hrs.

Payments available: regular bank transfer, direct payment via website (www.italianschoolofstalbans.co.uk) or PayPal.



The Italian School of St Albans is based just outside London in Hertfordshire (UK) and has provided Italian classes since March 2016. Our interactive and fun classes made us the most popular Italian centre in Hertfordshire over these years. From the beginning we have planned our lessons without classic textbooks, which are often not appreciated by many students. Our fresh approach based on interaction and moderated grammar time is still alive via online classes, which started in March 2020 and are getting more and more popular now.

For those who are unsure about the online classes: we are happy to test before the first lesson with you.

The focus is always on providing rules first and let students apply them in a conversation.

If for any reason you are serious about learning this beautiful language we are the right solution. Just check our amazing feedback on Google!

Lessons start at regular intervals.

We also offer periodical MASTERCLASSES for those who'd like to practise and revise specific topics.
You'll find all info on our website: www.italianschoolofstalbans.co.uk

All our teachers are native, professional and qualified. We are aware that it's easy and tempting to go for free online classes. Nevertheless we are very aware of the fact that, online as much as face-to-face, quality can't come for free. We will be happy to suggest some apps as an integration, however they don't teach you how to speak the language and boost confidence. For this reason we provide the tools and the structure to speak and we also encourage conversation with your teacher and other students. The difference is evident.

Number of participants in the virtual classroom is limited. Reserve your spot by signing up to secure a place.

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All material for the courses is provided. No need to purchase textbook.


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