How to Say: At The Hairdresser's

Mon, 04/27/2015 - 17:04
going to the hairdresser in italy

Want to look as stylish and well-groomed as the Italians, even when on vacation? Here’s some basic vocabulary if you decide to get a haircut or hair restyling while in Italy.

Hairdresser is parrucchiere/parrucchiera (these serve both men and women). If the sign outside the window shop says barbiere, that’s hairdresser just for men. Andare dal parrucchiere – go to the hairdresser’s.

Let’s start with some basic phrases:

Vorrei tagliarmi i capelli – I’d like a haircut

The hairdresser will ask you how many inches you want to cut it:

Di quanti centimetri vuoi/vuole che li tagli?  – or another popular way to measure it is by using your fingers, as in due dita (two fingers).

If you only want to get a trim, you say, vorrei solo una spuntata/spuntatina.

If you’re feeling brave or you want a complete makeover, you could tell the hairdresser:

Faccia lei – I’ll leave it to you, or, vorrei cambiare tipo di pettinatura - I’d like a new style; cosa mi consiglia? What do you suggest?

If you like bangs, you’d say, vorrei la frangia.

Once the hairdresser is done cutting your hair, he/she will ask how you want to style it:

Vuole asciugarli lisci o mossi?

Let’s now look at some basic words that will be helpful when visiting the hairdresser:

Capelli – hair. *Note that the word hair in Italian is plural.

Capelli lisci – straight hair

Capelli ricci – curly hair

Capelli mossi – wavy hair

Taglio e piega – haircut and styling

Colore – color/ hair dye

Mèches/colpi di sole - highlights

Permanente - perm

Asciugatura - Blow drying

Shampoo - shampoo

Balsamo - Conditioner

Lacca - hairspray

Spazzola - Hairbrush

Pettine - Comb

Phon - Hair dryer