Words by Katia Amore

Food baskets have always been a popular Christmas gift option in Italy. Whether you go for a gourmet selection of products or a simpler supermarket option, they are something you choose to give to a business partner, to someone you want to thank for a favour received during the year, to those in need or to your foodie friends. Companies send each other food baskets as a way to keep good relations and wish each other happy holidays, while often workers and employees in small companies receive at least a panettone and a bottle of spumante to take home on Christmas eve.

Generally, there are three choices: baskets with sweet products such as panettoni or pandori, nougats, chocolates, marmelades, etc; the option with savoury food like salamis, prosciutti, cotechini, olive oil, cheese, pasta, preserves, patè, etc; or a mixture of both. You can buy them ready or choose what you want to include and have it
customised to your taste.

Below you find a selection of Italian products available on-line to create your own personalised food baskets.

Obviously, there is no food basket without either a Panettone or a Pandoro, the national Christmas sweet.

Cipirani Panettone Regalo in gift Tin
Artisan Pandoro (1 kg.)

...and what about Panforte, a Tuscan Christmas cake from Siena, or Torrone alle mandorle (almond nougat) from Piedmont?

Le Logge Panforte dello Speziale La Torre 250 gram Panforte with Cocoa
Torrone Hard Almond by Antica Torroneria Piemontese

Citron Marmalade from Sicily and Chocolate-hazelnut cream would just add that special something to your selection.

Citron Marmalade by Caffè Sicilia from Sicilia
Chocolate-hazelnut Cream (Crema di Nocciole)700 g.

Common to many food baskets are also "ciliegie sotto spirito" (cherries with liquor), a real treat!

Flambar Cherries with Liquor

...and how could coffee miss from an Italian food selection?

Caffé Kimbo Gold Medal (Ground) - 17.6 oz can

Our savoury selection is also quite varied to let you pick and choose what you prefer.

Aceto Balsamico (Balsamic vinegar) is one of Italy's most appreciated delicacies. We suggest one produced with the traditional aging method in small casks made of different types of wood and kept for 25 years in the traditional "acetaie" by the Azienda Agricola Manicardi which is situated in the heart of Emilia Romagna, in the hills of Castelvetro, and has over half a century experience.

Manicardi Aceto Balsamico Di Modena Aged Vinegar

We chose a Sicilian cold press extra virgin olive oil, Olio Verde, one of Italy's finest options, hand-picked at an early green stage, from spring irrigated 300 year old olive trees, unfiltered and naturally clarified in terracotta amphorae, made 100% of Nocellara del Belice variety olives. Also famous because anyone can monitor its production phases through webcams placed around the Becchina estate oil press.

Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2008 Harvest (Italy)

A savoury food basket usually includes salumi (cured meats) and cheese, we suggest Speck, the typical South Tyrolean smoked ham from Trentino Alto Adige, a Chianti Salami from Tuscany and a DOP Caciocavallo Silano from Calabria.

Speck Prosciutto - 12 lb
Chianti Salami (8 ounces) by Gourmet-Food.com
Italian Cheese Cacciocavallo Silano DOP 1 lb.

Finally, like with coffee, can you imagine an Italian food basket without Pasta and tomato preserves?

Pasta Fresca Gift Box
Organic 100% Tomato Sauce by Sapori del Salento from Puglia
Villa Cappelli Exquisite Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Hope you or your friend enjoy our selection, happy Italian foodie holidays to you all.

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