Italian Road Safety Body Tells Clooney To Wear Regulation Crash Helmet

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 13:42

words by Carol King Italian road-safety organisation Associazione Sostenitori ed Amici della Polizia Stradale (ASAPS) has written two open letters this month to George Clooney to tell him to wear a regulation crash helmet. The American actor is a keen motorcyclist and is often spotted riding a Harley-Davidson bike near his villa at Lake Como in north Italy. However, he has been photographed wearing a style of crash helmet that became illegal in Italy in October 2010. Clooney has been photographed on numerous occasions wearing a half-helmet or pudding-basin helmet that is outlawed in Italy. Sometimes referred to as a beanies, brain buckets or novelty helmets, such helmets are unsuitable for crash protection because they lack the energy-absorbing foam that protects the brain by allowing it to come to a gradual stop during an impact. This is the second time the road-safety watchdog has written to the actor regarding his safety, the first time was in July 2012. On 15 May 2013, ASAPS president Giordano Biserni wrote a letter to the actor published on the organisation’s website pointing out once more that he wears an illegal helmet and that if ASAPS had his email it would write to him direct. ASAPS writes: “Dear George, We very much appreciate you as an actor... We know you try to set a good example. You have been so good in the advertising of a well-known coffee when you used the seat-belt in the car back seats, a rare example in our country, and we would have gladly nominated you as an honorary ASAPS member, but then you spoiled everything by still wearing the pudding-bowl crash helmet.” “We remind you that Italian motorcyclists who wear a helmet like yours... can incur a fine of €80, lose five points on their licence and be banned from riding their vehicle for 60 days (90 days if the violation was committed twice in two years).” “In short, George, a few years ago we did believe that slogan “No Martini, no party” and that those lovely girls opened the door just because you had a bottle of the famous liqueur... Now we do not believe that your helmet is legit. To this we say: “No casco omologato? No parti.” (No approved helmet? No go.)... And if you do set off it is about time the police remind you of the rules.” “Without any grudge George, but we have made road safety our mission. You have played a cop many times in movies and so we’re sure you will understand us.” The organisation wrote to Clooney again on 20 May after he celebrated his 52nd birthday on 6 May with a party in Italy and photos appeared in the papers showing him in an illegal helmet yet again. Once more, ASAPS pointed out his lack of legal headwear. So... Dear George, ‘Italy Magazine’ joins with ASAPS to say, please wear a legal and safe crash helmet when you take to the road. Not just for your own safety but to set a good example to motor