Italy Travel Horoscope 2012

Tue, 01/03/2012 - 06:08

Every year during the first weeks of January, Italian TV shows, magazines and dedicated websites talk about the horoscope for the new year with a special focus regarding your health, love, work and finances. As people say: "Non e' vero, ma ci credo!" ( It is not true, but I believe it.). Even this year at ITALY Magazine, we decided to have fun and commissioned an Italy related travel horoscope for our readers. Have fun!

Italy Travel Horoscope 2012


Not much holds you back! You are eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. You will travel to new places throughout the year and explore Italy’s hidden treasures or off the beaten track locations. Having a passion for travel you may even find a job in the industry or one of which involves travelling.


On New Year's Day, Jupiter, planet of joy and happiness, was in your sign, and will remain there for six months. For the gourmet of the Zodiac, Italy is art, nature and beauty, but above all great food. This year Taurus will enjoy a trip to Italy during the first part of the year, especially in May or June. Start planning a special wine tour or a cooking holiday in the South of Italy as soon as possible.


Routine is pretty much foreign to Geminis. They like to seek out the unusual, bizarre, and unexpected - and in 2012, they'll certainly see a lot of it! Do not be surprised if coming to Italy for a trip will turn to be a life changing experience. Falling in love with a special property and moving to Italy might be the unexpected outcome of your Italian holiday


You'll be a lot happier in 2012. No matter how bad things have been, this year will be different for you. Spend the first months of the year at home, close to family and friends, where you feel more comfortable. This year the best time to travel to Italy for you is the fall, October is definitely the best month to plan for a trip to the Bel Paese. We remind you that renting a holiday house and bringing some friends a long is the key to your perfect Italian holiday.


The king of the zodiac will continue to gain more power in 2012. Your social status and career is once again on a rising path. While you will be assisted by luck throughout the year, finances may remain low, especially after May 2012. So plan your trip to Italy in advance choosing a small B&B or a guest house where you can get friendly with your hosts is your best option to enjoy Italy on a budget.


You, Virgo, can expect your bank account to grow in 2012! Time to plan for that luxury Italian holiday of your dreams! The unspoiled beaches of Sicily or Sardinia are waiting for you in late April, May and June, the perfect locations to satisfy your love for nature visiting some of the most unspoiled Italian areas.


Even though you might not make it to Italy this year, your amazing imagination and resourceful personality will make the most out of all things Italian around you. Libras often make great writers and artists, so start planning your Italy related project right away. September is the right time to join an Italian language course, exchange ideas with other people who love Italy and start planning for your next trip.


This year is going to be good for unmarried Scorpians. There are higher chances for them to get married. Whether you are planning for a charming wedding in Italy or you have an Italian fiancé/fianceé, remember that the New Moon in Scorpio falls on November 13, so you can expect some interesting new developments around this time.


You may do a lot of traveling this year. You like to go on adventures, especially to places where you have never been - yet! Your preference for any situation that requires courage and action, may take you rock climbing on the Dolomites, exploring the volcanic Eolian Islands, kite surfing on lake Garda, simply having fun Italian-style.


The year is full of travel for you and Italy is most certainly one of your favourite destinations. People who are into business will go on a business travel others will come to Italy on a vacation with their family. In many cases you will have the chance to combine the two, business trip and vacation. You will have more chances of traveling during the fall.


After stressful 2010 and 2011, 2012 is going to bring in good news for you. You can finally plan your Italian holiday as this year is the right time to visit unexplored destinations. Calabria and Basilicata could be the perfect locations to enjoy food, culture, nature and the sea-side in July or August.


Many Pisceans will find themselves focusing on one concept or goal this year, including the dream of visiting Italy. And as for you is all about “art, art and more art”, you will plan to visit the so called Citta' d' Arte and their amazing museums. Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples are calling for you. March is the best month!