Italy's Ferrero Launches First Nutella-Filled Cookies

Tue, 11/05/2019 - 06:45
Nutella cookies

Ferrero, the producer of the world’s most beloved spread, Nutella, has something new in store – literally – for Nutella’s aficionados: the first Nutella-filled cookies ever made since the chocolate-hazelnut spread was invented 55 years ago will be available in Italian supermarkets starting this week.

Devised and produced in southern Italy, in the Ferrero plant based in Basilicata, these Nutella cookies come after 10 years of research, more than 120 million euros invested, and 150 people working on them, reports Ferrero.  “We want to be the first cookie on the market,” said Ferrero Italia CEO Alessandro d’Este.

Known as ‘Nutella Biscuits,’ they’re made with wheat flour and cane sugar and filled with Nutella. They were first launched in France this spring, where they have been very successful, achieving sales “three times higher than those of the first similar product on the market,” said d’Este. “In Italy, we expect €80M in turnover in the first 12 months, and 25 million units sold.”

The new biscuits, says the company, “will combine the crunchiness and crumbliness typical of cookies with the taste and texture of Nutella, which accounts for 40% of the product.”

The Nutella Biscuits were available for a preview taste for a week in Milan at the end of October at ‘Casa Nutella,’ which was set up in Piazza Gae Aulenti; on November 4 and 5, approximately 1,000 Ferrero employees will be in 4,000 supermarkets throughout Italy to present the new product and have consumers taste it.