Panoramic villetta in Marina di Magomadas, Sardinia

Thu, 07/30/2009 - 03:23
Words by Carla Passino

Situated just 50m from the beach, this cream-coloured villetta affords far-reaching views over the turquoise waters and palm-lined coastline of Marina di Magomadas.

The sea is a deep, vast, rich turquoise ripple against the cloudless peace of a baby blue sky, framed by the distant outline of a misty promontory and the dazzling green of feathery palm branches. Paradise is a slice of Marina di Magomadas, a little known beach in northwestern Sardinia—and you can enjoy it every summer if you buy a house that overlooks it.

Magomadas is a hilltop village of ancient homes and verdant expanses of Malvasia vineyards high above the lush Modolo valley. Thriving in the prehistoric and early historic era—the many nuraghe towers in the area show it was an important Sardinian stronghold, while its name, which means ‘new town’ in Punic language, shows an interest from Carthaginean invaders — it fell off the radar in more recent years, though it was here that Sardinia’s greatest queen, Eleonora, signed the peace treaty that preserved her reign from the Aragonese threat (at least for a little while).
Whether in the limelight or not, Magomadas kept traditions and winemaking alive during the centuries, and these, together with its many prehistoric monuments, are enough to make it an attractive destination now that it is once again on the international map. But there is more to it — its Marina.
Although an English take on the name would suggest tame images of berths and boats, Marina di Magomadas is a long, wild coastline of jagged rocks and pure white beaches, lapped by blue waters. And one of the best views of this rugged seascape can be enjoyed from Villa Bianca, a cream-hued villetta situated just 50m from the beach.

The house has three bedrooms, a living room with fireplace, a live-in kitchen and large covered verandahs to relax and soak up the panorama. There also is a big courtyard with pergola, and a lush private garden of about 1,000 square metres, as well as a parking space and a basement room.

All this for a reasonable asking price of €370,000. For more information, contact selling agents San Marco Immobiliare on (+39) 0785 35024 or visit