Video Recipes On Healthy Eating By Gualtiero Marchesi Released

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 06:00
Gualtiero Marchesi Cartoon

Renowned Italian chef Gualtiero Marchesi appears as an avatar in the Feed For Good video platform of recipes and tips for healthy eating.

Marchesi is considered to be the founder of modern Italian cuisine. In 1977, he won his first Michelin star and, eight years later, became the first non-French chef to receive three.

In Feed For Good, a cartoon avatar of the maestro helps fans to create dishes that are both tasty and healthy. Feed For Good is an intelligent information-management system. It directs users towards their individual nutritional needs by generating personalised nutritional guidance and providing video recipes to assist in the preparation of Mediterranean-cuisine dishes.

Feed For Good consists of a web portal and an application for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. The Feed for Good portal allows users to profile themselves, insert information regarding allergies and intolerances, food preferences, and physiological and medical data. It extracts data from different information sources regarding food, recipes, traditions, and so on. It then help users obtain nutritional tips and advice, specific diets compatible with their clinical profiles, build a daily menu, and keep track of consumption habits by completing a food diary.