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Greetings everyone and a happy New Year!

We are planning to undertake a removal delivery from London to Tuscany (Bagni di Lucca) sometime in February or March 2009. If you are interested in bringing anything across or taking furniture back to the UK and sharing some of the costs please contact us.

Kind regards,

Chris and Cindy


Hi Chris and Cindy,
we are in Le Marche (Macerata) and we would be interested in this shared vehicle thing!

Can you tell us what kind of vehicle you'll be using, i.e. capacity, type etc.?

Would you guys be driving it back to England or would you need one of us to share in that?

Please let us know what kind of costs we are talking about.


Jeff and Nicky

Chris, lovely to meet you and Cindy over the festive season. Your house is lovely and in the most beautiful location and when that pool's done will be just fantastic.

Sylv and I may well have a few bits and pieces we might like to get across to Bagni. We'll be in touch.

Kind Regards

Stu & Sylv

I'm also looking into doing a self drive removal to Southern Puglia possibly leaving the UK on Good Friday.

I've been looking in "Goods in Transit Insurance" otherwise known as GIT Insurance and I was wondering if you have any info. There doesn't seem to be too many brokers / underwriters willing to accept the risk on a single / return journey basis. I've had one quote with Norwich Union for £270 with a £250 xs for goods upto £10,000. It seems the only cover you can get is for theft and breakages due to being involved in a traffic accident. You are not covered for breakages that occur during transit as you've packed the items yourself, packed the van yourself and driving yourself.

Have you or has anybody else found out anything different. Is the quote reasonable.

Martin - I recieved your message and when we've transported stuff across we've done it without cover, packed carefully and managed with no issues to date.

Perhaps one of the specialist insurers/agents to be found in the advertisements in the magazine may be willing to discuss your best options.