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Here is another shocking example of how the brilliance of Italian scientists, is under valued and why so many of them leave Italy.
[url=http://www.corriere.it/english/08_dicembre_23/barbara_foglieni_42854364-d0f4-11dd-8f47-00144f02aabc.shtml]Notizie di cronaca del Corriere della Sera[/url]

General chat about Italy

Yes that is sad reading Noble indeed. I know the head of the surgical team, Professor Agostino Pierro, at Gt Ormond Street Children's Hospital here in London is in fact Italian. He very recently carried out an operation to separate conjoined newly born twins, Faith and Hope.. Alas one died though during the operation.

Low wages, reduced budgets.... it is all a recipe for disaster and brain drain, which is possibly the most expensive type of loss for any nation. Certainly she will get an offer she will not be able to refuse from another country and this will be Italy's loss.