Extra Virgin: Cooking Show Blends Tuscany with Queens

Wed, 01/19/2011 - 08:57

American actress Debi Mazar is best known for playing unapologetically caustic characters in films like Goodfellas and the HBO show Entourage. But in addition to her serious acting chops, the native New Yorker is also passionate about food. Now Mazar is teaming up with her husband, Gabriele Corcos, to bring their own version of Italian-American cooking to the small screen.

Corcos, who was born in Florence, is a Tuscan purist. He will whip up authentic Italian recipes, passed down from his grandmother, with a special Queens twist added by Mazar. Their new show, Extra Virgin, actually began as a web series. The Italian-American couple launched the online cooking show "Under the Tuscan Gun" in 2007.

With plenty of experience and passion for traditional Tuscan cuisine, and some edgy American attitude, the couple is sure to serve up great meals and entertaining television.

The series will air on Wednesdays, and premieres on the Cooking Channel at 10 pm Eastern on January 19th.