Italian Designer Creates 100% Biodegradable Clothes

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 03:39

Fleeting fashion trends can lead to over-flowing closets and clothes destined for charity shops. Now a young industrial designer has found a way to allow environmentally conscious style lovers to recycle their clothes in the garden instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Filippo De Martin of Treviso has engineered a kind of fleece made entirely from plant fibers. The fabric is made of cellulose and polymers derived from corn and sugar beet.

Working with two other young Italians, Nicola Monti and Lupo Rossi, De Martin patented the revolutionary material that is completely compostable.

De Martin said that inspiration for the fabric came to him during vacation with his family. He was amazed at the amount of clothes his children went through, and realized that producing diapers and clothing that had little environmental impact would make a huge difference in the amount of waste produced.

The clothes are perfect for workers in hospitals, laboratories and any situation that calls for wear-and-toss clothes to maintain a sterile environment.

Best of all? The earth friendly outfits will only cost consumers about 2 Euro per item.

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