Lamborghini Contemplates an “Everyday” Car

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 19:49

For those who have been waiting for a way to bring their Lamborghini out Monday through Friday, the chief executive of the luxury car company has announced plans to release an “everyday” car.

"We are going to have a third model. It has to be an everyday car. We want to have a car which is able to be used on a daily basis," said Stephan Winkelmann.

The Italian supercar company is in competition with Ferrari, which has revealed a new design for a four-seater car.

The wait for an “everyday” Lamborghini will be at least four years. The CEO told reporters that the carmaker would need at least that long to put the model into production once they made the final decision to release the car.

The famous car brand is looking to expand as the demand for luxury goods picks up in new markets like China.