Pirelli calendar to become film

Thu, 10/14/2010 - 10:47

The story of the iconic Pirelli calendar is to become a documentary film on French television in November, reports ANSA.

The film, produced by Emmanuel Le Ber and based on an idea by Dominique Micelli, a producer of French television programmes about fashion, will be entitled “La Saga del Calendario Pirelli” and will be screened on the French channel Paris Première on November 13th.

The film will document the history, human drama and people behind the production of the calendar, which costs the Pirelli company $2 million every year. The first Pirelli Calendar appeared in 1964 and, apart from a ten-year break because of the oil price crisis from 1974-84, it has appeared every year since.

Pirelli Calendar Director Gioacchino del Balzo says that the calendar is an invaluable marketing tool and that the company receives a 60 – 80% return upon its investment in it. He sees the calendar as a modern myth, a homage to women and a mirror of our society.

At first, the Pirelli calendar was distributed to garage owners who sold the company’s tyres, but now the 20,000 calendars produced each year are reserved for important Pirelli clients or VIPs.

Pirelli Calendar 2010 video back-stage:

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