Madonna Opens Gym In Rome

Thu, 01/24/2013 - 05:17

Madonna is planning to open a gym in the centre of Rome, across from the Colosseum Roman amphitheatre, this spring.

The Italian-American pop star and actress founded the Hard Candy Fitness global luxury fitness brand in partnership with New Evolution Ventures. The brand has entered into a partnership with Dabliu, one of largest Italian networks in the fitness industry, to develop the Rome market.

The gym will be housed in a 13,000 square foot location in the heart of Rome’s historic centre. The three-storey, amenity-packed club will include studios for yoga and group fitness. The brand’s ‘Addicted to Sweat’ programmes based on the same routines Madonna uses to stay fit, and which were recently released on DVD, will be featured.

The fitness centre will offer a selection of traditional group fitness classes, designated spaces for functional and personal training, and a coffee bar. Members can also enjoy a cycling studio resting in a balcony overlooking the club’s main floor.

Andrea Pambianchi, co-owner of Dabliu and project manager of Hard Candy Fitness Rome, said: “After 16 years since our first step into the fitness industry, we are preparing to start a new and exciting adventure and once again revolutionising the concept of fitness. In early 2013, we will open Hard Candy Fitness Rome, the world’s most innovative fitness brand founded by Madonna.”

Mike Apple, SVP of International Business Development for Hard Candy Fitness said: “We are thrilled to partner with Dabliu to bring the brand to the Italian market. Hard Candy Fitness Rome will showcase the brand’s unique fitness approach and luxury atmosphere in one of the most historic, famous neighborhoods in the world.”

Madonna opened the first Hard Candy Fitness in Mexico City in 2010. Since then, she has launched clubs in Moscow, Sydney, and Santiago in Chile. The pop icon is expected to announce the opening of several other gyms this year as the chain continues its expansion around the world.