Italy Magazine Issue 33 - December

Mon, 11/28/2005 - 13:34

Issue 33

"(...)it really is hard to believe that it is Christmas time already. I always associate this time of year in Italy with three things: huge disco-style lights flashing incongruously outside rustic farmhouses, colourful boxes of panettoni piled high in the shops and the presepi or Christmas cribs which are found everywhere from supermarkets to village shrines. Crib making is one area where DIY is definitely an acceptable option ( the other sort of DIY - involving decking and making your own kitchen is definitely not as popular here!) (...) This month's festive Italian Job features Marco Ferrigno, a Neapolitan presepio maker who is lovingly carrying on a family tradition. What a wonderful way to make a living!"

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sense of place

The Christmas market at Vipiteno, Alto Adige lights up the town

winter wonderland

The South Tyrol is a unique and magical part of Italy with an eclectic mix of cultures as Steve Norman discovers.

Siracusa: Sicily's southern gem

The secrets of this diverse and lively city on the South-east coast of Sicily are revealed by Stefano Rossini



what's on

Our guide to this month's most interesting events

Italian insight and news

book reviews

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Snow scenes in Italian paintings are rare but Aleid Ford has tracked some down

dual language

In this issue's dual language article, Fabrizio del Piero considers the lasting effects of the 2000 Jubilee

Keats in Rome

In the final months of his life John Keats travelled to Rome hoping for recovery Amanda Hodges retraces his steps


a weekend in the wine country

Marc Millon finds a short visit to Barolo is good for the soul

natale in molise

Giovanna Maj helps Germaine Stafford plan 'un natale veramente tradizionale'


day tripper

Let Christine Webb be your guide in the sparkling city of RAVENNA


fun on the slopes in the Olympic resort

Sestriere is the place for a great skiing holiday whatever the weather, as Gordon Lethbridge explains


Marco Ferrigno - maker of models for monarchs

Blake Evans-Pritchard and Violetta Polese track down a Neapolitan maker of Christmas figurines

The gardens of Villa Taranto

Sue Robinson visits a garden by Lake Maggiore that proved a labour of love

ascetic but very aesthetic

A most unusual grotto is discovered by Adam Buttler in the Tiber Valley

fashion and beauty

Julia M. Chiarella gets the inside scoop on what make-up artists have to say about Italian women and their cosmetics

real life

David and Alexander Bolton found that taking their Dalmation to Italy was quite an experience


Our regular feature by Emma Bird looks at how to open a B&B as well as teaching English in an Italian school


what's available in... Valtaro and Valceno

Luigi Cavalli recommends this little-known area of northern Italy for those in search of a bargain