Italy Magazine Issue 34 - January 2006

Tue, 01/03/2006 - 07:38

Issue 34

"(...)I have never been a great one for those end of the year reviews you often see on tv. I prefer to look forward, not back, but in thinking about this issue's letter to you it was inevitable that I started to reflect on italy's achievements over the past twelve months. During that time we have taken on a full-time webmaster (Ronald Ashri, who lives in Sicily) and seen the magazine website expand and diversify. It was getting over 190,000 unique visits a month when I last checked in October and I know that figure is growing all the time. I often visit the website forum and am amazed at the passion and enthusiasm of the participants. They have even organised parties and get-togethers for forum members. Another very popular addition to the site is the fortnightly newsletter (just sign up on the mag homepage) and I know you all love the Italian jokes!

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sense of place

Skating - and falling over- in Milan's Piazza Duomo

magic of Maremmma

Let Lucia Cappelli be your guide to this unspoilt corner of Italy which lies between Tuscany and Lazio and well away from the much travelled tourist routes.

watery wonderland

Stefano Rossini reveals the mysterious beauty of the canals and lagoons of the Comacchio area



what's on

Our guide to the most interesting events in Italy as 2006 arrives

Italian insight and news

book reviews

spot the differences!

Aleid Ford traces the evolution of Michelangelo's painting style frescoes

dual language

In this issue's dual language article, Karma Hickman discovers a new approach to a perennial problem

Signor Tartini, I presume?

Keith Ely scours Italy for traces of a great violinist


winter warmers

Marc Millon recommends some wines to banish the winter blues

what a sweet-tart!

A master pastry chef divulges the secrets to Germaine Stafford


getting your euro's worth

It's the time of the year to start planning holidays and Veritè Reily Collins getting a real deal

wonderful walks

In the first part of our new series Gillian Price takes us on an unmissable walk in the Pantalica area of Sicily


what's available in... Abruzzo

This region could be rich in investment opportunities, as Lona Richardson explains


Pasquale and Armando Marinelli - bell-making brothers

Martin Gani visits the Marinelli Foundry in Agnone to learn about this 1000-year old craft

a villa fit for a doge

Sue Robinson seeks out the loveliest gardens on the Brenta Canal: the Villa Pisani at Stra

the house of Belquis

A charming home on a remote Mediterranean island visited by Adam Butler

graduating... in style

Cassandra Brown investigates the style academy of Polimoda in Florence

law Q&A

Our panel of experts specialising in Italian real estate law, taxation, building and planning laws are here to offer help and advice

real life

Graham Bradford describes the circuitous route which finally led him to Tuscany


Our regular feature by Emma Bird looks at starting a job search, PR in Milan and swapping corporate life for entrepreneurship

and finally