Italy Magazine Issue 37 - April 2006

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 06:20

Issue 37

"One of my rituals once the warmer weather arrives is to get up early and wander around the garden, seeing what the trees and plants are doing, inspecting buds and flowers and enjoying the early morning sunshine. The thermometer on the patio has moved from a chilly eight degrees Celsius to a much more acceptable 17. The house martens have also arrived, a sure sign that primavera is here at last. Everywhere is full of colour, just like this month’s issue, which brings you the kaleidoscope of life that is uniquely Italy. "

Fiona Tankard - Italy Magazine Editor Read on for the contents of the April Issue.


sense of place

The early morning spring sunshine casts its glow over a quintessential Tuscan landscape with olive trees

Molise's hidden gems

Stefano Rossini lets you into the secrets this stunning region has to offer from Termoli to Campobasso

the city of Padre Pio

Take a trip to the peaceful Samnite town of Pietrelcina with Marco Merola, the birthplace of Padre Pio and location of the annual artichoke festival



what's on

Our guide to the most interesting events in Italy in spring

Italian insight and news

drawing inspiration

Aleid Ford assesses the importance of Michelangelo's drawings

book reviews

dual language

In this issue's dual language article, Katia Calandra recalls life on the farm a generation ago


Vini biologici

Marc Millon takes a look at the trend towards organic wine

Ischia: Isola di Terra

Germaine Stafford enjoys the flavours of this beautiful island


Easter in San Cataldo

The events of Holy Week in this Sicilian town described by Marco Menola

walk: Bagno Vignoni

Take a stroll through the treasure troves of this magical place with Gillian Price



A unique and colourful Venetian tradition attracts Kathy Mansfield


what's available in... Southern Piedmont

This beautiful area with its fine wines and cuisine described by Maria Christina Oggero


Neri Baldi and Gabriele Gori - riders of the iron horse

A charismatic duo of Tuscan steam train drivers talk to Gillian Price


Christine Webb discovers a historic Tuscan business that produces breathtaking fabrics

Villa Pizzo

Sue Robinson visits a lovely garden on Lake Como

master of scents

a perfumier with a personal touch intrigues Cassandra Brown

law Q&A's

Our panel of experts specialising in Italian real estate law, taxation, building and planning laws are here to offer help and advice


Michael J. Murphy explains the benefits of tax planning: from capital gains to tax returns


Our regular feature by Emma Bird looks at going freelance in Italy management jobs and looking after a wine estate in Chiantishire

and finally