Italy Magazine Issue 56 - November 2007

Fri, 10/12/2007 - 04:50

Italy Magazine - Issue 56

At last the delicious season of autumn has arrived. The time of newly pressed wine, roasted castagne, freshly pressed and fragrant olive oil, wood burning fires and the time of year when the Italians change their wardrobes. In Italy the seasons are still as they should be, global warming or not. I remember when I was walking out of work with sandals on (because it was unbearably hot in early autumn) I came out of the front door and was stopped by a friend. ‘Ciao cara’ he shouted at me, full of beans, and then looked at my feet, frowned and lowered his voice, looking over his shoulder. ‘Allora?’ he said ‘you know that summer is, er, well it is, well.....and truly over?’. I looked down at my exposed feet and smiled weakly. I thought that being British I could get away with it but apparently not. Seasons in Italy are seasons....

Melissa Ormiston - Italy Magazine Editor

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sense of place

It’s by no means unusual to see local women washing clothing in public...

proud Padua

Christine Webb is our guide on a tour of this noble and ancient city which has been a seat of education for over 700 years

San Miniato: a Tuscan treasure

We visit the main attractions of this small but important hilltop town with Stefano Rossini



what's on

Our guide to the most interesting events in Italy as winter approaches

insight and news

dual language

- a grain of truth
Martin Gani looks at the history and importance of rice in Italy

Magdalen Nabb

Peter Shaw takes a look at the life and passions of this crime-writer whose Marshal Guarnaccia novels gave a wonderful insight to Florence

Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo

We take a trip round one of Italy’s foremost antique markets with Ivor Hughes


Rizzo and Marino: barber shop duet

Fabrizio Fiorenzano introduces us to a unique barber’s in deepest Campania

the allure of La Perla

Rosalind Giselle gets to the bottom of the underwear scene


In our regular feature, Emma Bird looks at running your business, hiring staff and holiday lets in Umbria

and finally


il calcio italiano

Rebecca Lloyd looks at the important matches ahead in November


a journey through Italy in a bottle

Concluding our mini-series, Marc Millon looks at the regions of southern Italy

wining and dining

Germaine Stafford brings us some recipes from a top-class chef

foodie fun... Tuscany

Germaine Stafford suggests ten fun activities for food lovers in this famous region


property Q&A

Avv. Paola Malaspina explains new legislation to protect the buyers of new properties

what’s available in... Umbria

We look at the property market in this ever-popular and charming region with Stefania Russo

case study:

- project paradise
Ian Morley relates some more ups and 38 downs of his restoration project

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