Jersey Shore Cast Shares Italy Complaints

Fri, 07/29/2011 - 02:33

Filming wrapped weeks ago but the cast of reality show The Jersey Shore is not looking back at their time in Italy with much nostalgia. The Italian-Americans are actually complaining about daily life in Florence.

The hard-partying cast told an American tabloid about their biggest gripes with Italian life:

1. The tanning salon required appointments. No dropping in unannounced to work on that fake summer glow.

2. The gym was too far away. Rather than walking off that extra gelato, the cast members drove to the gym. After Snooki crashed her car and injured two Italian policemen, the gym trips had to come to an end.

3. There is no American-style Italian food. According to the cast, the pizza crust is too thin and there was not a single order of chicken parmesan to be found on any menu.

4. Manicures and Pedicures take too long. Jersey Shore star JWOWW bemoaned the fact that fake nails took almost four hours to apply.

5. Cobblestones. One female cast mate complained that the streets were too hard to walk down in high heels and everyone in Florence wore flats.

6. American hair straighteners don’t work in Italian plugs. Due to the voltage difference between appliances in both countries, the Italian electric current couldn’t withstand four-hours of hair straightening a day.

What do you think? Are the complaints understandable examples of culture shock? Or should the cast have stayed home in Jersey?