Johnny Depp Wants to Move to Venice

Mon, 01/31/2011 - 14:44

Johnny Depp's latest movie, The Toursit with Angelina Jolie, may not have impressed many critics, but it certainly left an impression on Depp himself.

While filming the comic thriller, Depp fell in love with the city. Now he has taken the plunge, deciding to become more of a local instead of a tourist himself. The American actor reportedly made an offer worth more than 10 million Euro to buy a home overlooking the Grand Canal.

The empty building may have come with a high price tag, but it's not much to look at just yet. The Hollywood star is still in negotiations over the home, trying to attain the rights to the adjacent properties as well.

Depp may have chosen his new palazzo based on the age old rule of real estate: Location. Location. Location. The actor's new home is in the highly desirable Santa Croce area of Venice and is one of the only properties for sale in that part of the city. There are even rumors that the dream-boat movie star has been in bidding war with an Arab princess over Palazzo Dona Sangiantoffetti.


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