Kiefer Sutherland To Star In Pompeii Film

Wed, 04/24/2013 - 06:42

Actor Kiefer Sutherland is set to star in a big-budget movie, ‘Pompeii’, which is slated for release in February 2014.

Famous for his heroic roles in TV’s ‘24’ and ‘Touch’, in ‘Pompeii’ Sutherland plays against type as a ruthless villain. ‘Pompeii’ is directed by Paul W. S. Anderson of ‘Resident Evil’ fame and co-written by Julian Fellowes, the creator of the TV series ‘Downton Abbey’. Shooting on the disaster movie has started in Toronto, Canada.

The 3D actioner is set in the summer of 79AD in the days leading up to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which destroyed the Ancient Roman city of Pompeii. The film also stars Jared Harris from ‘Mad Men’, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje from ‘Lost’ and Kit Harington from ‘Game of Thrones’.

‘Pompeii’ tells the story of a Celtic slave, Milo, played by Harington. Milo dreams of buying his freedom and marrying his owner’s daughter, Flavia, played by Emily Browning. However, Flavia’s wealthy merchant father, Lucretius, played by Harris, has already been promised in marriage to a corrupt Roman senator, played by Sutherland.

Worse for Milo, the Roman senator is the same man who enslaved Milo’s village. When Vesuvius erupts, Milo is on a ship heading for Naples. However, in a race against time Milo tries to rescue his sweetheart and his best friend, a gladiator played by Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who is trapped in the city’s amphitheatre.