Mario Monti Appoints New Government

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 05:02

Mario Monti was sworn in as Prime Minister on Wednesday, and soon announced his new politician-free cabinet.

Monti, a former EU Comissioner, is a well-respected economist and Mr. Monti’s cabinet is made entirely of technocrats, from business and academic sectors.

In fact, Mr. Monti named himself the minster of finance.

One key appointment was the minister of development, infrastructure and transport. CEO of the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group, Corrado Passera, was named the head of the ministry and experts hope his banking expertise will serve Italy well as the country navigates a serious debt crisis.

There are only three women in Mr. Monti’s cabinet, but the female appointees are heading major ministeries: Anna Maria Cancellieri is Minister of the Interior, Paola Severino is Minister of Justice and Elsa Fornero is Minister of Welfare.

Mr. Monti is still facing a confidence vote in parliament today but his team is expected to be approved by a large majority.