Berlusconi Supporters Picket Trial Alongside Critics

Tue, 03/29/2011 - 03:18

A supporter stands by a sign that reads '100 trials, 0 convictions = Persecution'

Italy’s embattled prime minister may be facing four separate trials while holding the lowest approval rating in years, but that doesn’t mean that Silvio Berlusconi has lost all of his supporters.

Crowds began gathering early yesterday in anticipation of the premier’s arrival. The rowdy mass was divided into two distinct groups: supports and critics.

Berlusconi’s supporters claim they will remain outside the courthouse because they want to help show their solidarity with ‘the great premier’. They held signs with messages such as “Silivo: We are with you”.

On the other side, detractors picketed with banners calling for the head of state’s resignation and demanding accountability.

Berlusconi recently vowed to devote Mondays to his four hearings, in order to appear in court and “explain things to the Italian people”. That means supporters and detractors will have a weekly opportunity to clash outside the Milan courthouse.

To see the two groups passionately defend their sides, watch the video (in Italian) below: