Venice's Bridge of Sighs Restored

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 08:41

Venice's famed Bridge of Sighs has reopened in its original splendor after three years of restoration efforts.

The notable bridge has been covered in scaffolding and advertisements since 2007 when a piece of marble fell off the adjoining Doge's Palace. The rock struck a German tourist in the leg, leading to immediate efforts to restore the limestone structures.

The bridge won its name from a 17th century legend. In the 1600s the bridge connected the Doge's Palace to a prison and prisoners crossing across the canal reportedly sighed in despair as they approached their fate.

The Bridge of Sighs has long been a favorite among romantics, with many visiting couples becoming engaged as they pass under the picturesque crossing.

The restoration costed 2.8 million euros and was partially financed by large, and controversially placed, advertisements that blocked the bridge from view.