Riccardo Muti Accepts Honorary Degree with Defense of Culture Speech

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 08:34

Riccardo Muti was on hand at the commencement ceremonies at the University of Turin to accept an honorary degree from the school.

The humble maestro accepted the degree saying “They call me master, but I have nothing to teach”, before beginning an impassioned plea for the defense of Italian culture.

“Forget our history,” said the famous conductor, “We risk losing our future, as well; and if we do not defend our culture, we lose completely”.

In accepting the degree in front of a room of young people, Muti argued that the “orchestra is a mirror of society- each instrument produces its own sound, but it must coexist with the others to reach a higher harmony, a common good”.

And with that, the maestro who has nothing to teach, shared an invaluable lesson with the new graduates.