August in Italy Brings More than 1,000 Festivals

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 03:04

According to the Confederation of Italian Farmers, the month of August promises over a thousand food and drink festivals in Italy.

From craft beer to wild boar, to onions and octopus, depending on the history and geography of the region towns are dishing out local specialties at sagre (festivals) throughout the country.

The four weeks of August seem to be a showcase of Italian delicacies. With potatoes, pies, pappardelle, mushrooms and more, the Confederation of Italian Farmers is reminding visitors that quality regional products are about much more than simply wine.

August offers the opportunity to learn about the unique flavors of Italy while exploring villages off the normal tourist track. With 77% of Italians planning on vacationing in Italy themselves, the food festivals will be packed with both international and domestic festival-goers.