Sardinia fires under control

Fri, 07/24/2009 - 07:05

The huge fires that destroyed more than 15000 hectares of land and caused two deaths as well as millions in material damages is now under control although worries remain due to the high temperatures.

The president of the region, Ugo Cappellacci, surveyed the affected areas and is asking that a state of emergency be declared in Sardinia.

Almost all the fires have now been put off - although in the area of Logurdo, in the northwest, between the towns of Sindia, Semestene and Pozzomaggiore, some fires still rage. That is also the area where yesterday a 57 year-old shepherd lost his life.

About 40 guests of Hotel Delfino have been saved by firemen when the flames surrounded the buildings.

The temperature in Cagliari have reached 40 degrees celsius - with similar temperatures across Sardinia - which means that risk remains high. The Fire department suggests to anyone caught in a risky situation to move towards the beach where it is safest.