Jersey Shore "Guidette" Sends Two Italian Policemen to the Hospital

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 03:58

The cast has only been in Florence for two weeks, but one star of MTV’s Jersey Shore has already gotten herself into trouble with the Italian police.

Two officers were sent to the hospital after reality star ‘Snooki’ (real name Nicole Polizzi) crashed into a police car.

The self-described “guidette” was chauffeuring fellow cast mate Deena Cortese and a member of the show’s production staff when she ran into the police cruiser.

The vehicle Snook hit was actually her police escort. The collision with the official vehicle caused minor injuries for two Italian officers in the car. The policemen were taken away on stretchers and treated for possible neck injuries.

The Americans were questioned at length, but Italian authorities released them without pressing charges, emphasizing that no alcohol was involved in the wreck.

While all parties escaped with only minor injuries, the careless accident will serve as fuel to the fire for Florentines who are already furious about the presence of the reckless americani.