Fans will have 'real F1,' Ferrari chief

Thu, 06/25/2009 - 03:25

Ferrari fans will see a ''real Formula One'' next year now that the sport's ruling body FIA has climbed down from rule changes that would have penalised the top teams, Ferrari chief Luca Cordero de Montezemolo said Wednesday.

Montezemolo was talking to Sky TV after the teams group FOTA, which he also leads, reached a deal with FIA chief Max Mosley that gives the teams an equal say on rules.

''I'm satisfied. I'd like to thank all our fans who have supported us and who will now, finally, have a real Formula One,'' he said.

''I hope that next year, without all these strange decisions on rules that have penalised us, we'll see a Ferrari winning again''.

''All our demands were met. As FOTA, we were concerned about three things: that Formula One should remain Formula One and not become Formula Three; that there would be no dictator, but a choice of rules that were shared and not imposed; and third, that it should be recognised that those behind the sport, those with the drivers, teams and marques, the ones who invest and risk, should be taken into consideration''.

''All that has happened''.