Outrage At Suggestion To Drain Venice Canals

Mon, 04/01/2013 - 05:51

Photo by Macmaroon

There has been outrage at today’s suggestion to drain the city of Venice, making it a dry city.

The Italian city is famous worldwide for its scenic canals that attract thousands of tourists annually. However, the water flowing through the canals is rising each year and the acqua alta flooding caused by high tides is a common occurrence on the lagoon, causing problems for residents and tourists alike.

Research findings indicate that La Serenissima is still sinking despite efforts to protect the city such as the building of the MOSE floodwater gates, which will automatically close when high tides reach a certain level.

Announced on 1 April, the new proposal involves draining the lagoon. Gondoliers who protested that they would lose their livelihoods were told that plans are afoot to create gondola-shaped cars that will navigate the dry canals, emulating the experience of cruising on a gondola.

Part of the proposed project includes turning Saint Mark’s Square into a giant car park. The rest of the city would then be a pedestrian zone, with only the gondola-shaped cars allowed access in an attempt to placate the gondoliers and retain some essence of the city’s heritage.

‘Italy Magazine’ would like to wish all our readers a happy April Fools’ Day!