New Video Game Teaches Youth About Italy Unification

Thu, 03/17/2011 - 07:43

As Italy celebrates 150 years of unification, the Youth Ministry has launched a creative new initiative to teach young people about the country’s storied history.

The ministry released the new video game on March 17, 2011 to coincide with the Festa dell' Unità d'Italia. The game is based on major events that took place during Italy's many battles for unification.

In the game, “Rebel Youth,” players assume the role of an officer in the Risorgimento army. The video game aficionados are then told to deliver orders to the Papal State, demanding surrender.

The game is meant to introduce young Italians the heroes of Italy's unification by allowing them to digitally participate in some of the key Risorgimento battles.

The first level can be downloaded starting today at the Rebel Youth website. Two other levels will be released in honor of other unification events later this summer.