Uffizi Wages War on Worms

Thu, 04/14/2011 - 06:44

Artwork in Florence is facing an onslaught of threats. First, David’s ankles were at risk of collapse due to the vibrations from a highspeed train. Now, the famous Uffizi is waging a war on worms.

The pests, called woodworms, love to munch on old papers and wood. The bugs were threatening several Botticellis, including the Coronation of the Virgin.

The museum director, Antonio Natali, explained that the art specialists used bags to cover the masterpieces that were under assault. They then pumped nitrogen into the bags, killing the larvae and eggs. A special varnish seals the deal, preventing new infestations and restoring some of the luster of the Renaissance alterpieces.

The delicate exterminations will be extended to make sure that the woodworms are banished from the Uffizi once and for all and even the wooden doors of the gallery will be treated to ensure that no bug escapes.

Since the museum began waging war on the woodworms three years ago they have saved over 400 infested pieces.