Book of Nazi Conversations: “What a Joy to Kill Italians”

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 03:10

A shocking new book from two German historians includes appalling wartime dialogues that recount the atrocities committed by Nazi soldiers.

“Soldiers, the Protocol of Fighting, Killing and Dying” includes chilling conversations between Nazi soldiers during World War II who had no idea they were being recorded by their allied captors.

British and American intelligence services began secretly recording conversations between captured soldiers in order to gain insight into the minds of the enemy. Now, for the first time, these translated exchanges of imprisoned war criminals are being published.

The book includes several references to the unthinkable violence perpetrated by Wehrmacht soldiers in Italy.

One man recounted to a fellow prisoner: “In Italy, in every place we arrived, the lieutenant told us always ‘begin to kill a bit'.” He continued, “I spoke Italian, I had special tasks."

Another remembered a time when Italians had killed a member of the invading German army: “The Lieutenant did not need to give orders. Guns ready- women, children, everyone you see, go!"

The horrendous conversations are difficult to read but the historical book will shed more light on the tragedies that occurred in Italy and beyond during the Second World War.