18th-Century Painting Damaged After Local Councillor Uncorks Spumante

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 05:14

An 18th century painting was damaged after a local councillor popped open a bottle of spumante and the cork landed on the painting, piercing it.

The incident occurred right before Christmas, but things were kept quiet until the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano uncovered what happened. The man responsible for the damage admitted to it and said he would pay the amount required to restore the painting.

The painting is located inside the 18th century Isimbardi Palace where administrative offices of the province of Milan are located. The painting, by an unknown author, depicts the heroic deeds of Capellino Isimbardi, forefather of the family that owned the palace.

A note from the Province downplayed the incident, pointing out that the painting is only worth a few thousand euros. The note also said that the painting has suffered light damage and is already being restored.