Agrigento Bishop's Unexpected Way to Stand Against the Mafia

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 04:17

To the slogan  " Chi non salta un mafioso è!" (He who doesn’t jump is a mafioso), the bishop of Agrigento Francesco Montenegro engaged the crowd of young people who had gathered in the Sicilian town of San Giovanni Gemini for the “Giovaninfesta” event, held on May 1, Italy’s Labor Day.

Don Franco, as he is known to his diocese, had just spoken about organized crime and was urging his young audience to safeguard their honesty and their land.

In the video we show you below, Don Franco asks his audience to show where they stand. “Raise your hand if you’re not for the mafia.” And then, “Are you free or imprisoned?” And finally, beginning to jump to the surprise of all, the Sicilian priest launched the slogan, "Chi non salta un mafioso è" (he who doesn’t jump is […])  a chant normally heard in a soccer stadium or young people gatherings, to the enthusiasm of the young crowd, who followed his example and started jumping.

This is not the first time Don Franco has taken a stand against the mafia. Because of his communication skills and his ability to speak a language that resonates with young people, he has become a beloved and listened to prelate.

The video from the event is now making the rounds on the Internet. Watch it below: