American Students See Italy As World Leader In Fashion And Wine

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 09:13
Young American students see Italy as a global leader in wine and fashion, according to a recent survey. The results of the survey, ‘American Students’ Thoughts on Italy’ were announced in Rome at the Chamber of Deputies in Palazzo San Macuto. The survey was conducted by the Italy-USA Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Rome, in collaboration with the Loyola University of Chicago. Some 850 American students in the United States were interviewed for the survey. Of those, 55.07% have been to Italy. Of those who have not visited Italy, 97.12%, expressed the desire to go there. Most interviewees, some 49.22%, say Italy makes the best wine. The majority at 46.33% think Milan is the fashion capital of the world When questioned what element they think most attracts an American student to Italy, 28.77% said food, 21.74% cultural diversity, 13.66% to learn a different language, 10.88% Italian fashion, 8.98% desire for change, 6.39% quality of life and 2.57% to befriend Italians. When asked if they could choose another place to live, which country they would choose, the majority, 26.12%, chose the UK. However, Italy is the students’ second choice, with 18.04% expressing their preference for the country.