Andrea Bocelli Duets with Barbra Streisand

Sat, 09/27/2014 - 03:00

Acclaimed Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who turned 56 last Monday with a ‘special’ celebration in Australia, is featured in the latest album of a music legend, Barbra Streisand.

The album, Partners, features 17 duets. And a highlight is certainly the duet with Bocelli, I Can Still See Your Face.

“Bocelli and I have always talked about singing together,” Streisand said. “I remember one lovely birthday I had, he started to sing to me, Happy Birthday, in a restaurant...that was really fun!”

“Barbra Streisand is a living legend," Bocelli said. "The idea of singing with her is a dream, the achievement of a great goal.” 

Listen to Bocelli and Streisand as they explain how the project came about and catch a preview of the song: