Baroque Church of Purgatory Reopens in Foggia

The Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia in Foggia, also known as the Church of Purgatory, a fine example of a Baroque church, has reopened for the first time in 30 years.

Representing an important artistic and architectural heritage for the Apulia town, the church dates back to 1650. A single nave is covered by a wooden ceiling sculpted by Antonio Fontana in 1683. The altar features two sculptures, depicting Archangel Michael and the Guardian Angel, attributed to Lorenzo Vaccaro, a Neapolitan artist of the late Baroque period.

The church also houses a painting of the "Madonna della Misericordia," by the Baroque Neapolitan school, and a "Ecce Homo" attributed to Guido Reni. Along the side walls are 14 paintings dating back to the 17th century.  

While traveling in Apulia, the church may be worth a stop on your itinerary.