Cheap or Expensive: Expressions in Italian

Thu, 08/11/2016 - 09:17

When asking how much something costs, you can use the following:

Quanto costa? How much does it cost?

Quanto costano? How much do they cost?

Qual’è il prezzo? What is the price?

If you like the price, these are good expressions for you:

Cheap / inexpensive / low cost - economico / conveniente / poco caro / poco costoso

Good price - buon prezzo / ottimo prezzo

Low price - basso costo / prezzo basso / prezzo ridotto

Affordable - buon mercato

Reasonable price - prezzo ragionevole

Dirt cheap - da due soldi / di pocco prezzo

On the cheap - al risparmio

However, if you think it is expensive, you can say:

Expensive - costoso / caro

Very expensive - molto costoso / molto caro

Pricey / steep - salato e.g. pay through the nose for something - pagare salato


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